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volant's story

Volant was founded in Norway by Tobias Nervik and Daniel Hoftun. They shared a flat in Oslo and wanted to buy an aroma diffuser to start using essential oils after Tobias heard about it on the Tim Ferriss show. Daniel had just refurbished the apartment and wanted a nice-looking diffuser that fit well with the interior decor. They were unable to find one.

That is why they created volant: to offer a minimalistic essential oil diffuser that goes with any interior. The volant diffuser was an instant hit in Norway and launched in 15 countries within the first year.

The volant diffuser is Scandinavian in design and craftsmanship and is the flagship product of volant. It infuses our customers' spaces with fresh aromas and helps them feel relaxed, energetic or focused depending on their needs.

Our products: Minimalistic handmade diffusers & organic essential oils

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The Founders

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Tobias built up the SaaS company Mojob and figured out that he likes building businesses.

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Daniel was a rising star in Deloitte but has always had a dream to pursue something entrepreneurial. volant was the perfect opportunity.